About Us

The owner and operator of Mole Patrol LLC is Todd R. Olson. Todd has been in the wildlife management business since 1999 (the last century). After years of managing all types of wildlife issues for homeowners and property managers he decided it was time to focus on mole control.

By focusing on mole control he can manage the job and finish removal faster.

Hometown: Horton, KS

Alma Maters: Highland Community College, Baker University and Emporia State University

Hobbies: Cycling, primarily mountain bike and gravel riding, golf and some pickleball. A fan of college football, basketball and baseball. Always pulling for the Royals and the Chiefs.

Professional Goals: To provide effective management of mole issues for homeowners and property managers. The focus is on excellent communication, time management and fast results. He wants to make sure the customers know exactly what’s going on in their yard. Being on time for appointments is another habit that customers appreciate.

Other areas of expertise: Bat control and remediation on a case-by-case basis