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Getting rid of moles can be a difficult task because they are elusive creatures that are active 24/7 every month of the year. During the dry summer conditions and cold winter conditions they will be more active deeper in the soil. When moles go deep to find earth worms they excavate more soil onto the turf. Contacting Mole Patrol LLC to help take care of your mole problem is a great solution that will cause little to no harm to your lawn and landscape. There are many home remedies that have been suggested throughout the years to help control moles in a landscape, but these are very rarely effective. Suggestions like using chewing gum, pickle juice, broken glass, red pepper, razor blades and bleach can cause damage to your property. These methods can also be dangerous to your family and pets. The most effective mole control and management method is trapping and removal of the animals. Let Todd Olson of Mole Patrol LLC manage the issue for you. Stoppng moles from invading your landscape can seem like a hopeless task. As long as the soil around your home is soft and there is a food source (earth worms) for these mammals to eat you could have these pests digging tunnels under your lawn, your garden and your flower beds. Call us today at (913) 333-7841 or book a service call online!

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